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Can a person’s rectum secrete clear fluid like genital fluid?

Can a person’s rectum secrete clear fluid like genital fluid?

We keep in mind a wellness teacher in university telling students that it is feasible for a man to secrete fluid simply as exactly how a female naturally produce genital fluid or “juice.”

I am a bisexaul guy that has been penetrated before and I also’ve never ever had any STDs. The time that is first had anal intercourse, we secreted plenty of “juice” that my partner thought ended up being abnormal for a person to accomplish.

I recall my teacher telling us that the reason behind females creating genital “juice” could be because of their estrogen levels, and guys can create some level of estrogen, although not just as much as ladies.

But simply being a refresher, I wish to know very well what may be the fluid that is actual “juice” is scientifically called and is it true that a person can exude “juice” from their anal area from intimate stimulation and arousal.

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There are many kinds of anal release: a discharge that is purulent suggest an abscess while a bloody release can be because of a hemorrhoid. A clear and mucus discharge may indicate rectal villous tumor on the other hand. There is absolutely no term that is specific this. However, if this continues, have actually this examined by the medical practitioner for appropriate diagnosis.

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It’s more normal which you think. This mucus is an obvious, white, or yellowish substance using the persistence of jelly which can be generated by the mucus membrane layer associated with the big intestine. Mucus can be made by other organs within the body like the lung area, where it can help to trap any international particles being inhaled.