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BitLife Crime & Prison lifestyle Guide: Tips & Tricks for Criminal Minds

BitLife Crime & Prison lifestyle Guide: Tips & Tricks for Criminal Minds

BitLife is an enjoyable simulation game in which you can live out of the life of your character from delivery until death. Available on Android os and iOS, this video game is about making alternatives. You might be presented a number of choices throughout each of your life year. Do you really subscribe to charity? Can you lie to your mother? Every option has its own effects, much like exactly how things have been in real world.

Often, the results are required, in other cases, they may be pretty hilarious. One of many alternatives you may make within the game would be to seek out a life of criminal activity. While you could probably expect, that may have a lot of negative consequences. The game’s update that is latest, but, has added a fresh group of life occasions linked to criminal activity that opens up a full world of opportunities to explore. You may refer to our previous BitLife guide if you want to remain an upstanding citizen. Just in case the very thought of getting away with murder excites you, see the sleep of our BitLife guidelines, cheats and tricks below!

1. Select Your Aims Wisely

Among the very first criminal activity choices you get beneath the brand new category would be to commit a murder. Once you choose this program, you’ll be able to to pick a target. Take into account that simply they will actually die because you chose to murder someone does not mean. There’s always the possibility of failure, therefore be cautious who you target. You fail to kill him, you will end up permanently destroying your relationship with that person if you choose to kill a family member and.