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Team A trainees slept in dorms with four girls up to a bed room.

Team A trainees slept in dorms with four girls up to a bed room.

I saw exhausted Team B trainees rest within the dance studios after training, since the mats there have been similar to the ones inside their dorms.

We just ever saw one group B trainee enjoy promoted to Team A. If Team A trainees misbehaved, or reported about one thing they may be threatened with being dumped or relocated to Team B.

But generally no body reported. We had been all really ambitious and young. The business’s mindset ended up being that every thing we experienced had been section of learning the discipline must be A k-pop idol. Therefore we just accepted everything.

Within the business building, we did not utilize our own names, except along with other students. We had been each offered a true quantity and a stage title in keeping with the kind of character that they had selected for all of us.

I happened to be because of the title Dia, but our trainers would just ever give us a call by our figures, which they read from stickers on our shirts. It felt strange, a little like we were in a few kind of technology experiment.

I knew I experienced the characteristics to become an idol that is successful.

The business favoured me personally, for being petite because I am very small – instructors constantly praised me. Aren’t getting me personally incorrect, I like consuming, but i am happy to own a metabolism that is high never put on weight effortlessly.

Body Weight ended up being the obsession that is constant of there. Everybody was necessary to be no heavier than 47kg (7st 6lb or 104lb) irrespective of how old they are or height.