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Just exactly How is land loan not the same as house loan?

Just exactly How is land loan not the same as <a href="">cash central</a> house loan?


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Indian investors are typically inclined towards buying land either purely as a good investment or even for building a home.

Therefore, if you should be looking to purchase a plot, you might not qualify for a mortgage, however for a land loan. Home loans can be obtained just for the home already built, under construction or prone to go through construction soon. For funding the purchase of the plot that is vacant you’re geting to have to go for a land loan alternatively. Even though the terms, rates and operations linked to land loans are comparable to compared to a mortgage, there are differences that are intrinsic the 2 as outlined below:

Property venue and Type: Unlike mortgage loans that are available on all properties regardless of their location or kind, you can find a land loan limited to a domestic plot. Also, “the home must be found within municipal or company restrictions. Consequently, you can not get financing for purchasing an agricultural land, or even for purchasing a bit of land in a town. You could try using a true mortgage loan, for constructing your home for the reason that bit of land, following the purchase, ” claims Adhil Shetty, founder & CEO of

Lower LTV: Loan To Value (or LTV) may be the quantum of loan you could get against a residential property. When you can avail as much as 80-85% money in a mortgage (90% in many cases), for the land loan, the utmost LTV is stipulated at 70% of this plot value at most readily useful.